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Butterfly Studio Salon senior stylist Stacey Guerra shares quick and easy tricks to freshen up your hairstyle!

Posted on: January 18th, 2015

No time to wash your hair? No problem!!

Stacey Guerra, Butterfly Studio Salon senior stylist has some simple style steps below that will easily take you from “grunge to gorgeous”! Using these quick and easy tricks from Stacy you’ll freshen up your hairstyle with minimal product, prep or time!


Pretty Pony Tail
1. Upgrade a worn ponytail from day to night by taking out that pony and shaking it as hard as you can just to create some body.

2. Grab your purse-size dry texturizing spray (key for reworking fullness into limp hair) and apply through entire head, roots to tips.

3. Shake hair out, using your hands as well to break up, lift, and activate your spray.

4. Pull hair back, taking one section at a time to create a super textured look (versus slicked back and smooth).

5. Secure above or at the curve of the head with a hair tie (the positioning makes it more playful.)

6. Gently pull on the hair to create height and adjust the look.

7. Wrap a small section of hair around the base of the pony and tuck for a messy, sexy ponytail or add a metallic pony cuff for a chic way to accessorize the look.


Effortless Top Knot
1.To create the perfect, no-frills top knot, you need a little grit or dirt in your hair which requires applying as much dry shampoo as you can.

2.In the AM, hold your breath and spray through hair before creating your top knot.

3.Then in the PM, release your work knot and shake it out by flipping your head over and mussing for volume and texture. The product will have prepped the hair and controlled the day’s oils.

4.Take a fine size amount of molding paste, like Oribe Rough Luxury between your palms and rub through your hair.

5.Follow with hairspray for grip and a shine finish and flip back over.

6.Recreate your morning knot, but placing it more forward, towards the front of the head. (TIP: On the crown is more for a day look whereas more forward is nighttime-ready!)


Glam Waves:
1. Go for the two pigtail twist trick.

2.Part dry hair into two pigtails and spray each one with a dry texturizing spray.

3.Take each pigtail and section into two braids, securing at the ends with a hair tie.

4.Twist braids tightly into two buns right above each ear, securing with a hair tie.

5.Sleep overnight and upon rising in the morning shake out and apply more dry texture spray for volume. Voila! Easy, beachy waves.

These are great time savers that look amazing! Thanks once again to Butterfly Studio Salon senior stylist Stacey Guerra for sharing her expertise with us!

For more information about Butterfly Studio Salon visit:

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided fact sheet.)


My interview with Dr. Holly Ray regarding permanent birth control for women

Posted on: January 16th, 2015

Permanent birth control is a personal decision each woman must make, and needs to take into consideration what would be right for her and her family.

Education and options are essential for women when making a choice about something like this.

I was looking for more information about permanent birth control options after reading the results in a survey taken by Bayer that included 1,000 women in the US.

Here are some of the survey highlights:

• The women were ages 25-45

• All of the women in the survey were in committed relationships

• The women were done having their children

• 44% were concerned about getting pregnant again

• 66% would consider a permanent method that did not involve surgery

I was delighted to be given an opportunity to speak with Dr. Holly Ray, DO, FACOG who has a general obstetrics and gynecology practice, including preventative care, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Dr. Ray was the perfect person to answer questions regarding permanent birth control from a professional and personal perspective.
Dr. Holly Ray Practicing Board Certified OB/GYN - in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Dr. Holly Ray
Practicing Board Certified OB/GYN – in Oshkosh, Wisconsin]

Here is my interview with Dr. Holly Ray:

1.Vicki: Dr. Ray, regarding permanent birth control who should consider having this done?

Dr. Ray: Well that is the million dollar question. It’s only for women who are done having their children, have completed their childbearing, decided they the right number of kids in their family, and are ready to make that decision! They’re ready to make a choice that an unintended pregnancy doesn’t occur! You know, that’s different times for different women! Whether they come to that conclusion, if and when they come to that conclusion …..That’s the time they should consider to talking to their doctor about it.

2.Vicki: Ok, that makes a lot of sense! What is the name of this procedure, and how does it work?

Dr. Ray: It’s Essure and it’s pretty neat! It’s a device that causes your body to seal off the tubes and make a barrier against pregnancy occurring. It’s an office procedure… We take a little camera and go up into the uterus and place these little soft inserts. Over a period of time there’s a barrier that forms around these inserts. That is what blocks the tube off. It keeps the sperm from traveling down the tube and meeting up with the egg inside the uterus. It’s really slick!

3.Vicki: Wow! It seems like it’s minimally-invasive, as well. Dr. Ray, what are the benefits of a procedure like Essure?

4. Dr. Ray: Essure is done in the office. Patients come in like an office appointment, and the procedure is done in 10 minutes, literally, sometimes less. It’s done right the office under no incisions and under local anesthesia. The patient is watching, on the screen, while we do it. Most of them are too curious not to watch… Then they go home within 45 minutes and go back to normal activities in a day or two. Really, there’s a minimal down time for recovery. It’s non-hormonal, and actually over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

5. Vicki: If that’s the case, once you have the Essure procedure, are you able to go off the birth control pill?

6. Dr. Ray: Yes! Once you’ve gone through the procedure, we stress that you have to do something for 3 months while that’s “setting up shop” in the tubes and forming that barrier. Some form of alternate birth control is given, just so we know the patient will not get pregnant in those 3 months. They come back in 3 months and a physician will do a dye test or confirmation test that shows that the inserts are in the right place and the tubes have been sealed off. Once that’s done they don’t need to do anything else.

7. Vicki: It’s unbelievable what wonderful new techniques are available! Dr. Ray, is the Essure procedure reversible?

8. Dr. Ray: No.. I try to stress that when I’m talking to patients, that if there is ANY doubt in their mind they should NOT have the procedure because it is not reversible! Once you do it it is permanent.

9. Vicki: Essure seems like such a nice procedure, that I would think anyone who would choose to have it would be very happy with the ease of the whole experience.

10. Dr. Ray: Yes… As I talk to patients about it, I get pretty good feedback on the whole ease of it and how they would do it again. They are very happy with Essure.

11. Vicki: Dr. Ray, You have actually had the Essure procedure yourself. It must be wonderful for your patients to know that they can talk to their doctor about a procedure that she has experienced. As a result, do you find that your patients find Essure more of a “doable” option for them because of your personal experience?

12. Dr. Ray: Yes, I think they do. I certainly share that with most of them. You’re right, it’s empowering to know you have that control over your fertility. You know I’m in women’s health. That is the whole purpose of my life to be able to give these women that option. I think that’s the greatest thing we can do…to at least be able to give them the option to be able to control that (fertility).

Vicki: Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Ray. I wish you ongoing success with your Oshkosh, Wisconsin OB/GYN and preventive care practice. This was such an informative an enjoyable interview.

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article regarding the Bayer Survey was obtained from a PR-Fact Sheet. Gratitude to Dr. Holly Ray for taking the time for this interview.)


Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Anderson creates Kat Dennings look for tonight’s People’s Choice Awards!

Posted on: January 8th, 2015

Isn’t Kat Denning’s look for tonight’s People’s Choice Awards Stunning!

Kat  Dennings Makeup by: Lauren Anderson for Avon

Kat Dennings
Makeup by:
Lauren Anderson for Avon

Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen worked with Kat Dennings for the People’s Choice Awards tonight. “The look we created tonight for Kat is all about modern romance. It’s feminine and sexy and complements the black lace dress she’s wearing,” Andersen said.

Here’s how to get Kat’s look:

Face: Lauren applied Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation with Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Aqua Foundation Illuminator to the face and added Chanel Powder Blush in Rose Petale to the cheeks.

Eyes: Lauren blended all of the shades from the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quade -Mocha creating a brown smokey eye. Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad
Lauren then lined the eyes with Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner in black

For a dramatic finishing touch, Lauren applied a strip of false lashes and two coats of Avon Big & Daring Volume Mascara in Blackest Black.width="283"
To complete the look, Lauren applied Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Cherry Jubilee.

Shop all Avon products at:
Follow Avon on:
Facebook: htpps://
Twitter:: @AvonInsider
Instagram: @AvonInsider

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained by a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)


My interview with national Make Your Mark contest winner Jenna Blanton

Posted on: January 6th, 2015

Make Your Mark is a national contest sponsored by Bayer and Glamour. The objective of this contest is to “find and celebrate” women who are making their mark in a variety of ways such as:

Pursuing artistic expression

• Working toward attaining knowledge through education or research

• Innovating entrepreneurship

• Performing physical achievements

• Committing themselves to philanthropic endeavors

Make Your Mark not only looked to acknowledge the remarkable things women are doing, but their ability to inspire others, as well.

I had the delightful opportunity to interview the winner of this contest, from Chicago, Jenna Blanton. Jenna is 28, and works for a global technology entrepreneurship program geared toward young women ages 10-23, called Technovation.

Jenna Blanton

Jenna Blanton

My interview with Make Your Mark winner Jenna Blanton:

1. Vicki: First of all, Jenna, congratulations on your wonderful achievement and recognition as the national Make Your Mark contest winner.

Jenna: Thank you so much! I think you really do things like this because you’re really passionate about them and not the necessary recognition. When it does happen though, and it’s out in public, it’s bigger and fantastic! It was a wonderful experience!!

2. Vicki: Let’s go back to the beginning, Jenna. What inspired your interest in science and technology?

Jenna: I started off as a very curious little girl, and was fortunate enough to have parents who saw that in me, and let me explore my own career path. I was always outside digging in the dirt, looking at worms, and collecting bugs. That passion for the natural world and how it works is definitely what led me toward a career in science. It certainly wasn’t easy for me because I really don’t have any female role models in my immediately family that work in sciences, so I kind of had to carve my own path in my family, but I was really lucky to have people around me that said , “If you want to do that, go ahead….we support you.” So it did all start as a very young child!

3. Vicki: That’s really very good that you received all of the support that you did. At the point when you started to know you were going to be starting to further your education, etc., did you feel that this was your calling and keep going forward?

Jenna: Actually, not really. I had a passion, as well, for Radio which also stems from my passion for technology. I went into communications in my college career, and declared myself a communications major. My parents were totally happy with that, and happy I was a first generation college student in my family. They were thrilled that I was furthering my studies, and career. I hadn’t seen myself directly in a professional roll in science, and didn’t exactly know what that looked like. I then was encouraged by a friend who was taking an environmental science biology course. She told me, “I think you’d really like this and should sign up next semester!” So I did. I took the course and fell in love with what we were doing in the lab, and what we were studying. I never thought of it as work. It wasn’t till later in my college career that I called my parents and told them that this (science) was actually what I wanted to do. Initially they were a bit taken aback , but became very supportive. I had never made a direct correlation , as a younger person, that I could truly have made a career and make a life out of studying science.

4. Vicki: That’s fascinating, Jenna, and a very inspiring story. You truly found your way back to where you were meant to be!

Yes… it’s true. I maintained my degree in communications, and a double degree in communications and environmental science. People would always say to me, “What are you going to do with that?” It may be surprising to some, but not to me that I have made a career by talking about my passion and doing my passion for science and engineering! I’ve dedicated my entire career to talking with people about how important science and engineering is for our country, especially in regards to women and young children. I’ve really come full circle and have been able to put these two things together and it’s really exciting.

5. Vicki: I think it’s very impressive and so synchronistic! You’ve now won the $5000 scholarship, a trip to New York to be part of the Glamour Women of the Year Event, and, be featured on a promo page of Glamour Magazine! How did you feel when you found out you were the winner?

Jenna: Oh my gosh… I got the call and it took a minute to kind of sink in. I found out in October, and the ball started rolling so quickly, and again it took me a moment to realize everything that was going on…. in such a good way!!! I had been working so hard, and working with my colleagues and a national huge publication and group saw value in what I was doing and wanted to celebrate that. I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it all, and you know that’s what major markets are all about! It’s about women supporting one another and celebrating their uniqueness and success. I was thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful campaign! Again, we need women that are doing great things into a national dialog! It’s so much fun sharing that with my family and sharing the opportunity. And gosh, it’s just amazing going to the store and picking up a magazine and your face is in there… It’s just unbelievable!

6. Vicki: The video you created as part of your entry into the Make Your Mark contest is exceptional. Your on-camera presence and presentation is truly inspiring!

Jenna: Thank you, that’s so kind. It was really an interesting experience. I’m normally a person behind the scenes, or on my computer trying to make programs or things like that happen. There were probably around 15 or more people buzzing around the room when we were doing the video, and I’m used to usually being “one of the people buzzing”. This time being the “main event”, and in the spotlight…. I had to “pinch” myself a couple of times :-) It was great!!!

7. Vicki: You sure did a wonderful job, Jenna! Having won this contest, I’m wondering what some of your future aspirations are for your venture, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)?

Jenna: I’ve dedicated my entire career to bringing the conversation about how important engineering , specifically, is to young people, and getting that interest exposed at a young age!! I think a lot of girls and women, when they picture an engineer say, “Oh, it’s someone in a lab coat”. Or they visualize , especially a computer scientist, as somebody in a dark cubicle not having very much fun. That’s completely contrary to what science and engineering is all about! It’s incredibly inner disciplinary, it’s fun, it’s collaborative and above all, it’s creative! I really want to dedicate all of my work to communicate those specific points! For instance, just because you may see yourself as a “possibly” artistic person, but you’re “kind of” good at math…You could be a Design Engineer!! It’s connecting these points for children and young women specifically early on so they can condition themselves and seek out opportunities that will enhance their journey into a career in engineering !!

8. Vicki: What a very interesting theory Jenna! In closing, would you like to share some specific points to those young gals who may be curious and thinking about engineering as a career, but just aren’t sure?

Jenna: Absolutely!

If you don’t know something, but are really interested put yourself out there!

• It’s ok to fail! (Failure is a huge part of engineering, and as a lot of people know you may not always get to the top on your very first try!)

• Be very persistent! (Put yourself in situations where you may feel that you’re under represented , but just know there are a lot of women out there that are doing that.)

• Find support networks! (Make Your Mark sponsored by Bayer & Glamour is one example!)

• Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Vicki: Ongoing success, Jenna! Thank you very much your informative and exceptional interview.

After reading Jenna’s interview, take a moment to visit and view Jenna’s video and Glamour Magazine promo page. Jenna truly has “made her mark”, and we wish her ongoing success with all her endeavors in 2015!

Congratulations Jenna Blanton !!

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained by a provided fact sheets regarding the “Make Your Mark” contest. Much gratitude to Jenna Blanton for taking time out of her busy schedule for this very inspiring interview.)


Join A Revolution – Life Time Fitness Commitment Day on January 1, 2015

Posted on: December 28th, 2014



Life Time Opens Its Doors to the Community During Commitment Day Festival 2015…

As the battle of the bulge wages on in America, we’re seeing skyrocketing obesity rates and lower life expectancies among children. Life Time–The Healthy Way of Life Company –, aims to inspire positive change by opening its doors to the community and hosting one million workouts across the country during its Commitment Day Festival (January 1), Fun Run (January 1-4), and Indoor Triathlon Workout (January 4, 2015).

Set to take place at 113 Life Time destinations from coast to coast, the Festival will feature healthy family events all weekend long. In addition, 52 Life Time destinations will host the annual Commitment Day 5K Fun Run on January 1st for all ages and abilities as participants join together in a symbolic commitment to lead healthier, more active lives in 2015. Plus, in partnership with IRONMAN, on January 4th, 79 Life Time destinations will host an inaugural Indoor Triathlon Workout to encourage and educate people of all athletic abilities on the sport of triathlon.

The Commitment Festival is open to both members and non-members and will kick off on January 1, 2015 with the Commitment Day 5K Fun Run taking place in 52 cities in 24 states. Commitment Day Festival offers a variety of educational and entertaining events, including:

Daily Fit Talks and Workout Workshops – The FIT Talks series is designed to educate and empower participants with approachable, relevant, and simple life-changing actions, such as breaking up with sugar, eating fat to burn fat, and why counting calories won’t lead to long term results. Participants may also attend a Workout Workshop in which they’ll have an opportunity to learn and burn with a new workout, such as ViPR, LT Connect, Strength and Flexibility, Battling Ropes, Upper Body Strength & Tone and more.

Jan. 2nd Alpha Madness – The Life Time Alpha program is designed for anyone looking to lose weight or enhance performance. Participants will start with a Get Connected Seminar to introduce heart rate training via LT Connect, which helps them train smarter not harder. From there, they’ll have the opportunity to compete against themselves in an Alpha Workout focused on functional movements suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

Jan. 3rd Yoga Commitment Jam – Yogis and beginners alike will de-stress from the holidays and kick off a commitment to yoga with 90-minute Vinyasa Flow class suitable for all ages and abilities.

Jan. 4th Indoor Triathlon Hour powered by Life Time Tri and IRONMAN – Redefine your 2015: commit to tri. If you’ve ever wanted to try a tri, this is where to start. Inspiration without intimidation, the 60-minute indoor workout will feature a 10-minute pool swim, 30-minute spin, and 20-minute treadmill run. Athletes of all abilities from beginner to experienced are invited. All participants who register for and attend the Indoor Triathlon Hour ($25 fee) receive a lifestyle training shirt, swim cap, race bib, $20 off a $100 purchase at – , one free month of Masters swim lessons with Life Time Swim (new participants only) and $10 a new LifeSpa service of $50 or more, plus, are eligible for a chance to win one of three slots to the 2015 IRONMAN® 70.3® World Championship in Zell am See-Kaprun, SalzburgerLand, Austria or, one of five slots to a Life Time Tri Series race. Learn more about event locations and registration at . Limited spots available per club.

Life Time will be opening its doors to the public during the Commitment Day Festival with a goal of getting one million people through the door to commit to a healthier life in 2015.”



What a great way to start a new year!!

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)


Your HOLIDAY MAKEUP GUIDE featuring Miracle Skin Transformer and Gerard Cosmetics!

Posted on: December 21st, 2014

The Holiday Makeup Guide below will provide you with a“festively chic” look and the perfect finishing touch for any holiday occasion!

HOLIDAY MAKEUP GUIDE: Miracle Skin Transformer & Gerard Cosmetics…

Miracle Skin Transformer Spotlight:
Featuring beautiful light illuminating pearlized pigments, Spotlight instantly adds a radiant glow to any skin tone. This 5-in-1 complexion enhancer hydrates, primes, illuminates, enhances and protects in one easy step. Its universal shade is infused with skin saving vitamins, antioxidants, and natural actives to hydrate and nourish skin while delivering anti-aging benefits.

MST Spotlight sells for $48, and is available at:
•ULTA stores

You may also purchase MST Spotlight online at:

Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss:
Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.20.20 AM
(Shades from Left to Right: Candy Apple, Crystal, Seduction, Jewel and Pouty Princess)

Color Your Smile Lighted Lip glosses are formulated with rich pigmentations similar to that of a traditional lipstick that will never feather or bleed. These glosses provide instant shine and moisture along with collagen boosting peptides to increase lip volume and reduce wrinkles both safely and painlessly. Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses are packaged with a built in mirror and light for easy use, even in the dark. These versatile “go everywhere” glosses are perfect for any occasion, and each is priced at $24!

Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses are available online at:

Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus+ Illumination Facial Crème:

A twist on the traditional BB Cream, the Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus+ Illumination is formulated with light reflecting particles and golden shimmer to add dimension and a youthful glow to any complexion. This luminous crème is easy to blend, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. In a universal shade, the BB Plus+ Illumination can be used alone, as a cream highlighter, or mixed with your favorite liquid foundation. It’s priced at $36.

Available online at:

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet)


Butterfly Studio Salon Stylists Dana Tizzio and Jason J. Dougherty share “Holiday-Ready” hair styles for Guys and Gals !

Posted on: December 16th, 2014

Are you ready for the festive holiday season? It’s that time of year when we all enjoy getting together with friends, family, and our co-workers.

What about those events that take place right after office hours? You’ve been working all day, and whether a guy or gal, you know you’ll want to “spiff” up your look a up a bit before the cocktail party begins…. Well no worries at all!

The super talented Butterfly Studio Salon stylists Dana Tizzio and Jason J. Dougherty will show you how your “hair can be your best accessory ” with their insider tips on how to get holiday-ready hair. These styles will transform you from an office look to festive cocktail party guest in just a few simple steps!

Dana Tizzio’s “10 Minute (No brush) Updo Braid”
Dana Tizzio’s “10 Minute (No brush) Updo Braid”
This DIY ‘do will take you from a bad hair moment or a long day at the office to black tie-chic without any hot tools or hair prep. Not even a hairbrush is required! All you’ll need is a few pins, hair ties, and a mini/travel-sized version of your favorite dry shampoo/texturizing spray.
1. Section 1/4 hair from side part to ear, and add Shu Uemura Texture Wave spray for volume.
2. Start braid at part, focusing braid at front of forehead, and secure end with elastic.
3. Spritz more Texture Wave spray throughout hair to enhance texture for easier styling (also helps keep everything in place better for the long haul).
4. Without brushing, twist all of hair to the side of braid and secure with elastic, creating a ponytail.
5. Braid ponytail, including front braid, and secure end with elastic. (It does not need to be tight)
6. Hold one piece of braid at the end with one hand. With the other hand, push entire braid upward from the bottom with your fingers to create a rouging effect.
7. Wrap braid to create a bun or knot shape, nestled on one side of your head for the best look. You want your style to be seen!
8. Secure with bobby pins, and use the hair pins to manage any loose ends.
9. Loosen the front of the braid and work your way back. Widen from the start of the braid for an effect that beautifully frames your face by pulling apart gently on each section. This will create a softer and more romantic, evening-ready braided look.

Jason J. Dougherty’s “Quick Men’s Style”

For a sophisticated style or a Don Draper-inspired look, try this relaxed yet polished look which has enough body to make a statement while staying clean cut enough for the office.

1. Start with clean, just washed hair and comb through before applying product.
2. Using a quarter-sized amount of gel serum, emulsify using your hands and apply product throughout hair.
3. With a fine tooth comb, comb through front half of hair, while blow drying on a low setting. Blow dry back half of hair while simply running fingers through.
4. Use texturizing spray such as Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray to roots at the front for a boost. Your style will thank you later. Sculpt hair with hands.
5. Apply a styling wax on sides and back of hair for a polished look.
6. Finish with a medium (more flexible) hairspray like Oribe’s non-sticky Super Fine throughout for extra shine and hold.

Thanks to Dana and Jason for sharing these creative hairstyles that help you create a terrific Holiday-Look with ease!

Learn more about Butterfly Studio Salons by visiting:

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in the article obtained by 
provided PR-Fact Sheets)


TV-Personality Nick Cannon and Theraflu® present the flu map to help you during the flu season

Posted on: December 2nd, 2014

Once again, it’s that time of year. No matter where you go there’s always someone who’s had the flu or is fighting a cold. That can keep you on edge wondering if there is anything you can do to avoid getting sick.

In fact, statistics report that each year up to 20% of people across the US will get the flu, and more than 200,000 Americans will be hospitalized for flu-related complications annually!

With that kind of data, Novartis Consumer Health, Inc., the makers of Theraflu® realized the essential need to be prepared to keep families healthy during the cold and flu season. Everything came together when actor, musician and TV personality Nick Cannon joined forces with Novartis as spokesperson, and the 5-Step Fluprint program was launched.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon

Regarding the topic of colds and flu, Nick noted, “I’m constantly traveling and on-the go, so I can’t afford to let cold and flu symptoms slow me down, especially when I’m working or taking care of my family. That’s why I always stay flu-ready by getting vaccinated every year and having Theraflu® products on-hand, and this season, I wanted to do something to help all Americans get flu-ready too, so I’m asking everyone to join me in the fight against the cold and flu; visit and Like the Theraflu® Facebook page today.”

Additionally, for every “Like” on the Theraflu® Facebook page, Novartis will donate $1 up to $100,000 to Families Fighting Flu. This nonprofit national organization helps others, especially those in-need, to get flu-ready! Program details can be found on the Theraflu® Facebook page.

The Executive Director of Families Fighting Flu, Laura Scott stated, “We’re thrilled to work with Novartis Consumer Health on such an important flu-readiness program. Our organization has seen countless families affected by the flu, and we remain committed to bringing education about the flu, prevention tips, and treatment options to the forefront.”

Take a moment to visit and “Like” : ! I did, and found it full of helpful information regarding flu and colds. The 5-Step Fluprint™ program is very well presented, and you’ll have the opportunity to interact by adding your commentary on the TherafluUS Facebook page!

Now… Let’s head over to : . Here’s part of the 5-Step Fluprint™ program below:

1. • LEARN: Learn about the cold and flu, including prevention tips.

2. • VACCINATE: Find out where to get a flu shot nearby.

3. • PREPARE: Get ready before symptoms hit; steer clear of sick friends and family to help prevent the cold and flu.

4. • TREAT: Find relief if they get sick and explore over-the-counter cold and flu medications.

5. • SHARE: Spread the word about the program and rally others to the cause.

The 5-Step Fluprint program provides wonderful educational resources, including a cold and flu symptom kit, a quiz to test cold and flu knowledge, details about where to get vaccinated, and information on available over-the-counter treatment options. Consumers can also find out whether flu activity is high in their area , and where to purchase Theraflu® products.

About Novartis: Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. based in Parsippany, New Jersey is a worldwide recognized leader in research, development, production and marketing of self-medication products that do not require a prescription. NCH products are designed for the in-home treatment and prevention of medical conditions and ailments, as well as the enhancement of overall health and well-being.

For more information, please visit

Follow Novartis on Twitter: @Novartis

(Any Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided fact sheet with statistics reported by CDC.)


Make The Holidays White and Bright with 25% off savings on SUPERSMILE.Com

Posted on: November 28th, 2014

A beautiful, confident smile is the key to perfecting any look or successfully navigating high pressure situations from a job interview to a first date. To help give the gift of a better smile, this Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Supersmile® is offering four days of savings. Visit from Friday, November 28th at 12:01am EST through Monday, December 1st at 11:59 pm EST, for 25% off savings site wide and receive free shipping on all purchases over $50.

This year, give the gift of health and beauty from the only brand that helps you safely whiten teeth while strengthening enamel, using proprietary CALPROX® whitening complex.
• Choose from best-sellers like the Supersmile® Professional Whitening System, Professional Whitening Toothpaste, or Whitening Pre-Rinse to dramatically whiten teeth at home.

• Elevate the look of any bathroom vanity while maximizing oral health with the colorful new Supersmile® Crystal Collection of ergonomic, beautifully designed toothbrushes.

• Or pick stocking stuffers like Supersmile® Professional Whitening Gum or Quikee Instant Whitening Polish with CALPROX® to whiten teeth and freshen breath on the go.

WHAT: Supersmile® Black Friday through Cyber Monday 25% Off Site Wide Sale

WHEN: Friday, November 28th at 12:01am to Monday, December 1st at 11:59pm EST




(Quoted or paraphrased information in this PR-Article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from Jan Marini Skin Research and Scalisi Skin Care

Posted on: November 27th, 2014

Jan Marini Skin Research
Now – December 5th
Take 20% off purchases over $200 or more.




Scalisi Skincare
Available Thanksgiving Day at 3pm EST:
The Essentials Value Kit
The kit includes full sizes products of
• Anti-Aging Moisturizer
• Cleanser and Exfoliator
• Eye Cream
Price: $119 (Retail value =$145)


SCALISI SKINCARE Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Anti-Aging Moisturizer

SCALISI SKINCARE Cleanser and Exfoliator

Cleanser and Exfoliator


Eye Cream

(Quoted and or paraphrased information in this PR article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)

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