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Skincare expert Jan Marini shares tips for taking care of your skin during the winter season!

Posted on: November 17th, 2014
Jan Marini President and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research

Jan Marini
President and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research

With more than three decades of experience researching and developing innovative skincare technologies, Jan Marini is a true pioneer in the professional skincare arena, and an outstanding expert in her field. Skincare “Guru”Jan Marini is the perfect person to share her top beauty tips to help keep your skin protected and youthful during the winter season!

Jan Marini’s tips to care for your skin in winter: 



One of the most common complaints relating to harsh winter weather is dry chapped lips.Not only are dry lips uncomfortable, but they can interfere with lipstick application and certainly look unsightly. 

Here’s a few tips guaranteed to deliver smooth, hydrated luscious looking lips:

1. After removing your lipstick, use a wet (wrung out) washcloth to rigorously “buff” the lip area. This provides just the right amount of exfoliation and removes dead dry skin, leaving behind a smooth surface.

2. Rub everything you use on your face over your lips – and be generous.  This means moisturizers, retinol, etc.

3. Finish with a sealant. Use something that is thick and emollient. This idea is to leave behind a barrier that sits on your lips throughout the night and prevents moisture from escaping.  Some great examples are plain old Vaseline, Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, or Janet Sartin Superfatted Cream.

4. In the AM, make certain you again massage your facial products onto your lip and finish with sunscreen.




Whether your skin is dry or oily, colder winter weather can make any complexion look duller and less vibrant.  While increased moisture helps to provide a protective barrier in harsh temperatures, moisturizers don’t address skin that seems sluggish and looks like it’s half hidden behind a dull layer of skin. Even in winter months, exfoliation is a must for keeping facial skin looking polished and luminous with that perfect “airbrushed” look. Some resurfacing agents can have an anti-inflammatory effect and can also boost the skin’s ability to manufacture substances that retain water.  Combination of acids are perfect for this task.  Plus these same agents can assist in keeping skin blemish-free as well as lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  




What’s my #1 anti-aging tip? You’ve heard it before, but I can’t stress it enough: Sunscreen! While short wave length UVB rays are weaker in the winter months, not so with UVA. The long UVA wavelengths are the same intensity all year long, even when it is cloudy, raining, or snowing. These rays penetrate your skin like an invisible X-ray, destroying collagen and elastin, and damaging the foundation of your firm youthful-looking skin. This damage may not show up for some time, but you can be certain that the groundwork has been imprinted into your DNA and it will manifest itself in unsightly lines and wrinkles, brown spots, coarse texture and sagging contours. Undisputed research confirms that faithful daily sunscreen users will be rewarded with softer, smoother, more youthful skin than their counterparts.




Cold winter weather not only dries facial skin but also has the potential to ravage already dry cuticles. 
Here’s a tip that’s guaranteed to remove dead, ugly cuticles without cutting and leave behind soft, smooth skin around the nail area. This is accomplished via a technology that dissolves and dislodges dead, dry skin without harming normal skin. 
1.Clean hands with a proteolytic enzyme cleanser (e.g., Clean Zyme Enzyme Cleanser by JMSR).

2. Apply a proteolytic enzyme mask over cuticle area (e.g., Skin Zyme Enzyme Mask by JMSR) or over entire hand. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.

3.Remove with Clean Zyme and rinse. Towel-dry and apply an emollient hand cream.




Here’s the dilemma: You feel like your facial skin looks pasty white and your sunless tanner looks a little overdone for mid-winter. So how do you achieve that flawless, barely sun-kissed flattering glow? 
Put a dollop of your favorite moisturizer in your hand and add a pea to a dime-size amount of sunless tanner and mix them together. Then apply to entire face just like you would apply moisturizer. It’s mistake-proof and delivers a subtle glow.  
You can incorporate this into your daily routine to maintain the perfect reflective hue.
Now you should have some great ideas to put into action from Jan Marini, and be able to keep your skin looking terrific during the winter months!

Be sure to take a moment to visit Jan Marini’s website and check out all the state-of-the art products that this President and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research has developed !

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.Many thanks to Jan Marini for taking the time to share her exceptional Winter Skincare Hints.)



iPAW’s HamBINGO Animal Benefit is November 23rd at Hamburger Mary’s in Milwaukee

Posted on: November 16th, 2014

iPAW’s upcoming HamBINGO Animal Benefit:

Get ready for an enjoyable evening of food, drinks, and, of course, bingo at the “Trendy” Hamburger Mary’s in Milwaukee.

Here’s the deal! First… You’ll want to arrive a bit early, so you’re sure to get a seat for this fun filled HamBINGO event! Then, there’s a donation of $10.00 for each bingo card. Each card gets you ten bingo games! That’s only $1.00 a game!

Ten bingo games will be played throughout the night, and each game will have a winner of a really “nifty” prize!

The best news is that a portion of the proceeds go to iPAW, helping fund animals in need.

RSVP now :!contact-us/con8

iPAW Animal Benefit:

When: Sunday November 23rd, 2014

Time: 7:00 pm


Hamburger Mary’s

2130 S. Kinnickinnic Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53207

Additional websites for more information:

iPAW Website:

iPAW Facebookwebsite:

For more information about HamBINGO visit:

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern Holistic Veterinarian and founder of iPAW

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern
Holistic Veterinarian and founder of iPAW

To learn more about Dr. Jodie Gruenstern’s Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex go to:

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from iPaws website:, Hamburger Mary’s website: Much gratitude to Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jodie Gruenstern, founder of the non-profit organization, iPAW.)


Celebrity Manicurist Skyy Hadley shares a hydrating “Milk-Me-Away” pedicure recipe you can do at home!

Posted on: November 2nd, 2014

I’m always thrilled to have Celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley, and owner of As You Wish Nail Spa share one of her “easy to do at home” pedicure recipes with us.

SKYY HADLEY  Beauty Expert, Celebrity Manicurist

Beauty Expert, Celebrity Manicurist

We all know dry, cracking skin is inevitable as the temperature continues to drop, and often we just don’t feel like leaving the house to go to the salon!!

You’ll love this at-home spa treatment from celeb manicurist Skyy Hadly to keep skin hydrated and youthful-looking through the colder months. Below is Skyy’s Milk-Me-Away pedicure recipe that will have your feet looking and feeling fresh in no time!

• Mix 2 cups of whole milk and 1 cup of hot water into a bowl
• Add a few drops of lavender or vanilla essential oil
• Soak feet for 5-10 minutes
• The lactic acid in the milk will loosen dead skin, smoothing out calluses
• The essential oils will calm the skin and soothe any soreness or inflammation

Exfoliate your heels, feet and lower legs with a homemade sugar scrub
• Try mixing together 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, baking soda and olive oil
• Finish with a thick, shea butter lotion to lock in an extra dose of moisture

Be sure to visit Skyy Hadley’s website at:

If you live near, or are visiting Hoboken, New Jersey…be sure to set up an appointment at As U Wish Nail Spa and treat yourself to a pampering experience!
As U Wish Nail Spa is located at:
319 Willow Avenue
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 420-5959

Much gratitude, Skyy! “Milk-Me-Away” is a perfect relaxing and revitalizing recipe for hydrated, smooth “Happy Feet” and lower legs!

Beauty Expert, Celebrity  Manicurist, & Owner Of As U Wish Nail Spa, SKYY HADLEY

Beauty Expert
Celebrity Manicurist & Owner of As U Wish Nail Spa, SKYY HADLEY

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided fact sheet and


Enrich and refresh your skin with 5-Star reviewed Sublime Beauty® Pure Luxury Mask !

Posted on: October 20th, 2014

A facial mask, in my opinion, is one of the essentials and “must haves” you really need to include in your skin care regime.

Sublime Beauty® Pure Luxury Mask Anti-Oxidant Rich $45

Sublime Beauty®
Pure Luxury Mask
Anti-Oxidant Rich

A mask will help keep the top surface of your skin fresh and clean allowing better absorption of the other products that you apply.

I personally found that use of the Sublime Beauty Pure Luxury Mask provided a ten minute wonderfully relaxing experience for me, and the perfect boost my skin needed. I like to mask once a week to keep my skin looking fresh and more youthful. Depending on your skin needs, it may also be used twice a month for its anti-aging benefits.

Here are some key ingredients contained in the Sublime Beauty Pure Luxury Mask:
• Collagen
• Vitamin E
• Cucumber
• French White Clay

The Sublime Beauty Pure Luxury Mask is very effortless to apply and remove. With my fingertips I work the white creamy mask upward from just under my jaw around my entire face. I do not apply the mask around my eye area or lip area. After ten minutes, using a soft wash cloth with slightly warm tepid water, I gently sweep the mask off my face and am “rewarded” with a healthy rosy radiance to my skin that looks and feels just like I had a profession facial!

As the season changes and we move into fall, it’s a great time to begin treating yourself to regular Sublime Beauty Pure Luxury Masks right in the comfort of your own home!

It’s easy to understand why the Sublime Beauty Pure Luxury mask receives 5-Star reviews!
In fact, I’m delighted to add another 5-Star review to their list….Congratulations Sublime Beauty!

To purchase your Sublime Beauty Pure Luxury Mask, visit:

Take a moment to find out more about Sublime Beauty and their other fine products at:


(Quoted and/or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from, & Any personal commentary about the Sublime Beauty Pure Luxury Mask was my own opinion from using the product provided to me.)


Gerard Cosmetics support Breast Cancer Awareness with their pink lighted lip glosses

Posted on: October 6th, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics™ has an amazing promotion that benefits Breast Cancer Awareness, and gives you an opportunity to experience their sought after Lighted Lip Glosses!

During the month of October when you use the code PINK at , you’ll receive $5.00 off each lip gloss that you purchase from the colors listed below, and Gerard Cosmetics will donate $1.00 to Breast Cancer!

Here are the 5 Pink colors that are that are part of this promotion:
Pink Tiara
Raspberry Sherbert
Sugar Mama
Pink Frosting
Pink Frosting

What a terrific promotion for such a wonderful cause! Your Gerard Lighted Lip Gloss will be a constant companion as you enhance your lips with these light weight, long wearing full coverage glosses.

When you twist open the cap of your Gerard Lighted Lip Gloss, you’ll “Light up” your lips with a unique light within the cap that comes in handy in any low light situations. In addition, there is a perfect sized little mirror on the side of each gloss tube.

It’s a “win-win” promotion, so head on over to during October to purchase your Lip Glosses. Then wear your “Pink Lips” proud, as a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness !

Support Breast Cancer Awareness !

(Any Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided Fact Sheet. Personal commentary was my own opinion from using the product that was furnished to me.)


Phyto-C Launches New O-Live Skincare Collection with SUPERHEAL™

Posted on: October 2nd, 2014

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me to become acquainted with Phyto-Ceuticals Skincare ! Phyto-C was introducing their new O-Live Skincare Collection, and I had the opportunity try this 5-product collection of products.

What a great chance to personally experience the anti-oxident, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties delivered by Olive Leaf Extract, the patented ingredient in the O-Live Collection with SUPERHEAL™!

Let’s begin with a short video about Olive Leaf Extract from the Phyto-C website-Media TabYouTube Preview Image
(Credit: Phyto-C Skincare Website:
& & New Beauty.Com)

The O-Live Collection:

Phyto-C SUPERHEAL™  O-Live Mask  $136

O-Live Mask

SUPERHEAL™ O-Live Mask – This mask applied easily and felt good on my skin. From the information I received with the product, it was nice to know this mask could be used on any skin type. My skin did have a firm feeling after using the mask, and since it stimulates collagen production, is healing , moisturizing, lightening, and an antioxidant, I found using the mask really did give my skin a noticeable dewy, and very even appearance.

Phyto-C SUPERHEAL™ O-Live Serum $130


SUPERHEAL™ O-live Serum: I used this serum after cleansing or using the O-Live Mask. It’s light weight, not oily, and has a pleasant scent. If you have rosacea, are looking for an anti-fungal, or anti-inflammatory product that also provides antioxidant benefits, you’ll love the multi uses of this serum. It also will help with scar tissue, stretch marks, improve the skin’s texture, and help with firming your skin.

Phyto-C SUPERHEAL™  O-Live Cream  $120


SUPERHEAL™ O-Live Cream: This was the cream I used both AM and PM after cleansing and applying serum. “Repair, Nourishing, and Regenerating the skin” were referenced as some of the benefits you could look forward to when using this product. I was impressed with the results I noticed. It’s a very hydrating cream, but not at all heavy or greasy! It tends to “calm” and help with “skin reactions and itching“. O-Live Cream was very compatible with my occasional skin sensitivities, and its cell regeneration and firming qualities were a real plus.

SUPERHEAL™ O-Live Gel    $125


SUPERHEAL™ O’Live Gel: The O’Live Gel is a “repair and intensive moisture source” for your skin. Add to that, its antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory attributes will “sooth and calm itchy skin, promote wound healing, and help with the rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis symptoms.” . It’s consistency has a more fluid texture I really liked, and is possibly what enables it’s ability to “immediately reinforce natural skin hydration by binding moisture into the skin layers.”

SUPERHEAL™ O-Live Lotion $130

SUPERHEAL™ O-Live Lotion

SUPERHEAL™ O’Live Lotion: O’Live Lotion feels as smooth as silk when it’s applied. This powerful Anti-Inflammatory “reinforces natural skin hydration, has anti-virus properties, and helps reduce redness and psoriasis symptoms.

The Phyto-C O’Live Collection has so much to offer in caring for your skin.“The Olive Leaf Extract has quite an impressive history as it was used “medicinally in ancient Egypt for both internal and external healing!”

I liked every one of the exceptional products in the O’Live Collection and encourage you to spend some time reading about all of the Phyto-C “natural product chemistry skin and health care products” that are available at:

(Any Quoted and/or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from provided PR-Fact Sheets. Product images from PR-Fact Sheets. Video Clip from the Phyto-C Skin Care Website (, the Phyto-C Skin Care Website-Media Tab ( & New My commentary about the Phyto-C O’Live Collection was my personal opinion from using the products that were provided to me.)


Classy trending hairstyles from Butterfly Studio Salon Stylist – Jason J. Dougherty

Posted on: September 29th, 2014

You’ve seen the fab hairstyles on the runways this season… Well it’s time to step up your style game with an edgy take on a classic hairstyle! From polished and sleek to textured and fun, Butterfly Studio Salon stylist, Jason J. Dougherty knows how to work the iconic bun into your fall wardrobe no matter what look you are going for!

Take a look at some of Jason’s terrific looking step by step guides and images below with easy instructions for you to replicate at home!

Polished Sleek Top Knot Bun:

by Jason J. Dougherty Butterfly Studio Salon

by Jason J. Dougherty
Butterfly Studio Salon

Turn heads and make a statement with this sophisticated style that commands attention and exudes confidence.

Tips & Tricks:
• Blow dry hair smooth with a light, nourishing oil
• Flat iron the hair
• Mix the light oil and a pomade in your hands and apply generously to the hair
• Use a Mason Pearson Brush and smooth out the hair, gathering into a high ponytail
• Create a loose braid and wrap it around the head
• Anchor with bobby pins and finish with a flexible hold hairspray such as Oribe Superfine for shiny, soft control

Textured Loose Ballerina Bun:

by Jason J. Dougherty Butterfly Studio Salon

by Jason J. Dougherty
Butterfly Studio Salon

The perfect go-to when you don’t have time to rock a polished look but want hair off your face in an effortlessly chic way.

Tips & Tricks:
• Brush out hair and apply a light oil such as Oribe’s Gold Lust to prime the hair with moisture and shine and help with styling
• Bring hair back to create a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie, keeping it loose on top to preserve the texture (which is key for this look and makes it versatile enough to work for many hair types)
• For a more sculpted look, add some pomade (like Shu Uemura Shape Paste) to hair to make it sleek
• Take sections of hair and wrap around the base of your ponytail, anchoring loosely with bobby pins
• When all hair is pinned, brush the bun gently to pull out a few tendrils of hair

Thanks so much, Jason, for sharing your versatile “fashion-forward” hair styles along with the useful tips and appropriate products teaching us how to recreate them.

Butterfly Studio Salon in New York offers an array of services and has a website that is very educational. Make sure you take a moment to visit:

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet. Thanks to Butterfly Studio Salon, and Butterfly Studio Salon stylist, Jason J. Dougherty.)


The Perfect Weekend Pick-Me-Up Pedicure from Skyy Hadley!

Posted on: September 21st, 2014

It’s starting to feel like fall, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about our feet! Whether you are whipping out your favorite fall booties, or staying comfy in flats, there’s no better time than the present to treat yourself to a pick-me-up-pedicure! Skyy Hadley, owner of As U Wish Nail Spa has the perfect tips to bring luxury to your feet without taking a trip to the salon.image002
Here’s a real easy to prepare “winner” that will do wonders for your feet, and is so relaxing!
Meals for the Heels Mask

• Mix 1 cup of regular oatmeal and 1/2 cup of regular milk into a small pot.
• Heat up over the stove, stir until cooked.
• Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to thicken the mixture, and then let it cool off a bit.
• Once the mix has reached desired temperature and thickness, apply to feet.
• Leave on for 5 – 10 minutes.
• The oatmeal soothes dry, itchy or irritated skin, and the milk acts as an exfoliant to help slough away dry and dead skin cells.
• Finish off with pure shea butter as a moisturizer…

Absolutely heavenly !! Thank you, Skyy…

Visit Skyy Hadley’s website at:

(Quoted and/or Paraphrased information in this PR-Article was obtained by provided PR-fact sheet.)


Dr. Jodie Gruenstern, Holistic Veterinarian and owner of Animal Doctor in Muskego announces a fun filled event to launch her non-profit organization – iPAW!

Posted on: September 13th, 2014

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern Holistic Veterinarian

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern:
Holistic Veterinarian with her “love” Jetson…A Pomeranian mix rescued from euthanasia due to aggression.
Photo credit: Joyce Paisley-Photography

Be part of this wonderful celebration as Dr.Jodie introduces her non-profit organization, iPAW!
ipaw logo transparent
Mark your calendar to attend,“Comedians for Critters”, and Pet Benefit !

Where: Historic Shank Hall – 1434 N. Farwell Ave. – Milwaukee, WI.
When: Sunday, October 5th, 2014
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Price: $10.00 at the door
*Arrive early as entry and seating are not guaranteed

Look forward to a great comedy show featuring “award winning Dobie Maxwell from the Dented Can! There’ll be drinks, appetizers, a raffle, silent auction, and you’ll even get to meet “spokes pet” Sadie in person and view a video montage of many other beautiful pets in need! Don’t miss out on the fun!! It promises to be a memorable afternoon event to benefit iPAW!

Dr. Jodie is well known and respected for her knowledgeable holistic approach and loving care for the animals she treats at her Animal Doctor Veterinary Complex in Muskego, Wisconsin. With a top-notch staff who always takes the time to assist with any needs or questions you may have, Animal Doctor presents a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for you and your pet.

I was curious to find out more about Dr. Jodie’s holistic veterinary approach, and was delighted when she was able to take some time from her busy schedule for the following interview.

My Interview with Dr. Jodie Gruenstern:

1.VICKI: What inspired you to become a holistic veterinarian?
DR. JODIE:”I decided to become a veterinarian when I was five years old. I vowed I would help all the animals in the world! About ten years into my conventional veterinary practice I realized I was not attaining that lofty goal. I was not satisfied with the tools in my conventional toolbox. I heard from technicians and pet guardians that there were other modalities, such as natural foods, herbs and acupuncture, which I could learn to use, to help pets better!”

2.VICKI: Would you share some of the additional training you’ve received in holistic treatment and therapy.
DR. JODIE: “I have attended educational national holistic conventions and seminars across the country to learn holistic modalities including western herbs and essential oils. Additionally, the Chi Institute in Florida for acupuncture and Chinese herbals and food therapy, A Time to Heal in Illinois, the Canine Rehab Program in Tennessee, also chiropractic seminars to learn whole food nutrition.

3.VICKI: What are a few of the unique services you can provide at your Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex?
DR. JODIE:“These services do not seem so unique to us anymore, as we do them every day and feel that the word is out, and they are becoming more mainstream, but pet guardians are now aware that they should not over vaccinate their pets! We have been encouraging titre testing instead, for many years. I am certified in veterinary acupuncture and food therapy, so I focus a lot of my time on these. I have a lot of experience with helping pet guardians convert their dogs and cats to safe, and effective raw meat diets. Our results are fantastic! We do still offer full service which includes radiology, dentistry and surgery. I have an experienced associate for this. We also have an amazing ultrasound specialist who provides his mobile service to us on a regular basis. Our in-house blood work service rivals the emergency clinics! This diversity and availability of services has made us the go-to clinic for some of the most challenging cases. Unfortunately, this means we see a lot of pets with severe illness including allergies and cancer.”

4.VICKI: Will you be developing additional Dr.Jodie’s Natural Pets products in the future?
DR. JODIE: “Absolutely! But we are growing so quickly I need to keep my creative mind on the back burner so that we can develop systems to keep up with our current growing demand. My ideas are secret! But they all stem from the needs I see in my practice for better natural products to serve pet needs. Our best seller, N-Trail Mix, has been called “kitty crack” by pet guardians who realized their cats cannot live without these addictive, healthful organ bits. Pets don’t get enough organs in their diets; so, this treat really fills a need! The tiny bits are perfect as high-value training aids for dogs as well.”

5.VICKI:What is your wish for the ultimate goal of iPAWs
DR. JODIE: “I see iPAW as an umbrella organization and again, as filling a gap. There are a lot of organizations out there who rescue, foster, shelter. We want to be a coordinator, a matchmaker of sorts. Potential benefactors often do not know how to choose. Guardians with needs often cannot get help because they do not have a non-profit status. Veterinary clinics have personnel and skill, but not unlimited funds to help! We want to bring that all together. For example, Pierre is a cat in Pennsylvania whose “mom” contacted us. He has a cleft palate and needs surgery. We are verifying the need and contacting the potential surgeon to facilitate the connection and provide funding. If it weren’t for this type of intervention, many pets are euthanized unnecessarily in veterinary practices every day. Personally, we have saved hundreds of pets from euthanasia; another great example is reaching for modalities, such as acupuncture for paralysis, when surgery is not a financial option. One of my employees has a little dachshund living with her and running like the wind every day due to this intervention. Her name is Zayda and participants at our October 5 event will see her current pictures!”

VICKI:Thank you Dr. Jodie for your endless work in offering the best care to the dear animals who provide us with such unconditional love and happiness. Continued success to you with all of your ongoing endeavors…
DR. JODI:“Thank you Vicki! I really appreciate your time and effort in helping us to get out the word on these topics!”

Informational sources for you to peruse:
•Find out more about iPAW by visiting:
•To learn more about Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex go to:
•Discover the exclusive line of Dr. Jodie’s Natural Pet Food Products by going to:
It’s your “Go-To” website for just about everything you’ll want to reference about “Promoting Ideas and; Products for the Natural Health of Pets™.”

On Facebook:

ipaw logo transparent

Two women of iPAW with their iPAW Pals:

Kati Gingras is one of the many generous women of iPAW. She helped rescue Bubba from euthanasia and was instrumental in his recovery from diabetes. He now thrives on raw food!

Bubba  and Katie Photo Credit: Joyce Paisley Photography

Bubba and Katie
Photo Credit:
Joyce Paisley-Photography

Dr.Jodie and veterinary assistant Monique Misfeldt administer an acupuncture treatment to Zayda, who was once paralyzed.

Dachshund,Zayda gets acupuncture! Photo Credit: Joyce Paisley-Photography

Dachshund, Zayda gets acupuncture !
Photo Credit:
Joyce Paisley Photography

Monique is a woman of iPAW who has adopted the dachshund, Zayda who now runs and plays with brother, Peanut!

Peanut, Monique, and Zayda;


There’s no time like the present to visit iPAW online : It’s such an incredible source that offers so much information , and provides visual images of the sweet animals who have already been helped by iPAW, along with their stories: In addition, it enlightens readers how they can help, and offers contact information where readers will be able to leave a message for iPAW:!whowevehelped/c6mv!contact-us/con8
You’ll be so glad that you did, and so will the animals who need “You” !

(Any Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from:
Special gratitude to:
Dr.Jodie Gruenstern
Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex
Photo Credits:/Joyce Paisley-Photography/Digital Artistry: )


Susan Stoker’s must read Beyond Reality Series scores 5-Star Reviews from Readers

Posted on: September 11th, 2014

  Susan Stoker Author of the "Beyond Reality Series : Outback Hearts Flaming Hearts           & Frozen Hearts

Susan Stoker
Author of the “Beyond Reality Series” :
Outback Hearts
Flaming Hearts
Frozen Hearts

We’ve all watched the reality shows on television, so I know you’ll enjoy reading Author Susan Stoker’s Beyond Reality Trilogy as much as I have. Susan’s new fictional series consists of three books that are receiving great reviews. With her engaging writing skills and three different storylines, you’ll get to experience the making of a reality show from both sides of the camera, with all the emotions, cattiness, and yes…. even romance with twists of fate.

Susan has provided me with some “teasers” for you from each of her new books followed with a wonderful interview I look forward to sharing with you!

Outback Hearts by SUSAN STOKER Photo Credit: Beau Coup Publishing

Outback Hearts
Photo Credit:
Beau Coup Publishing

The first book is OUTBACK HEARTS: “Becky and her mom used to watch reality shows together all the time. Her mom passed away before she could see Becky on her very own show…except it’s not her own show. She has to share the limelight with another woman. They’re both competing for the love and attention of the same men. It was like no show Becky had ever seen… and she was miserable. The best thing about the show was trying to irritate the other woman by choosing activities Becky knew she’d hate. Becky had no idea she’d meet a wonderful, protective man while on the show, unfortunately he wasn’t a contestant.”

Flaming Hearts  by  Susan Stoker Photo Credit:  Beau Coup Publishing

Flaming Hearts
by Susan Stoker
Photo Credit:
Beau Coup Publishing

The second book is FLAMING HEARTS: “Alex never thought posing for one picture while out with friends one night would end with him being in Australia dating sixteen women at one time. Of course, the concept of dating that many women are better in the abstract than reality. Alex always wanted to be seen as normal, wanted to be liked for himself. Women always saw his looks and his money, but never the real him. He becomes convinced that secretly being able to see how the women act when they aren’t around him would make the decision easier. Was there any chance he’d be able to find what he was looking for over the ocean in Australia?”

Frozen Hearts  by Susan Stoker Photo Credit :

Frozen Hearts
by Susan Stoker
Photo Credit :Chris Mackey of AURA Design Group

The third book is FROZEN HEARTS: “The Alaskan reality show is camera operator Jonathan’s last gig before he goes to work in security with his brother. The shoot would be completely miserable except the one woman in the world who was meant to be his is also a camera operator on the show. He doesn’t know how he’ll manage it, but he has to win her heart and convince her to move to Arizona to be with him.”

Now that you had a “little” sampling of each book in the Beyond Reality Series, here’s my interview with Author Susan Stoker:

1. VICKI: Susan, as an author, how do you go about choosing topics you’d like to write about, and what inspires these topics and the characters that will bring your story “to life”?

SUSAN:Well Vicki, I write about what I like to read about. I admit to being a fan of the “knight in shining armor” romance. I know women are independent, and yes, I know that most of the time we don’t need a man. I think I must have watched too many Disney movies growing up, but there’s just something about a man being there when you need him most that I just love to read about.
So taking that into account, pretty much anything can inspire me. I’ve always loved a man in uniform, so that is an “easy” topic to write about that fits my knight in shining armor writing very well.”

2. VICKI: Once chosen, how do you bring your selected subject matter into a story “Book” format?

SUSAN:I’m probably very different than “traditional” authors in regards to this. Typically I will write the “intense” scene first. Once I have the meat of the conflict written, or what I imagine in my head, I go back and fill in the blanks. Writing the beginnings and endings of my books are always the hardest part for me.”

3. VICKI: Well it all certainly pulls together very well in your books, Susan. In what mediums will your three Beyond Reality books be available to the public? I purchased mine as an e-book (Kindle), but will other options be available?

SUSAN: “Right now they will be on Amazon-e-book format, but in the near future also in paperback from Amazon. The books are a part of Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program that they can be “borrowed” for free if members sign up for the program.”

4. VICKI: Will any of your characters in the Beyond Realty series make cameo appearances” in all of the three books?
SUSAN: “Yes they will. Eddie, the producer, is in all three books. Kina (the camerawoman) is in all three books, and she gets her own story in the third book. Sam and Alex (from the first book) will make a cameo appearance in the second book, and then they, along with Becky and Dean from the second book, show up in the third book as well.”

5. VICKI: I really liked that! It’s fun to see characters show up in the different stories. Will the series be based on different reality show themes?

SUSAN: “Yes. The first book OUTBACK HEARTS is a “bachelor” reality show format. The second, FLAMING HEARTS, is a bachelorette format, but there are TWO women competing for the men. The third, FROZEN HEARTS, is in Alaska and is a reality show with men competing to become the “Alaskan tough man” title, but the focus is on two of the camera operators, and not the contestants.”

6. VICKI: The continuity in your Beyond Reality Series is exceptional! Is that a challenging process with all of the other things you need to deal with when writing a series?

SUSAN: “Writing a series is much harder than writing a stand-alone book. While my books all have “Happy Ever After” endings, it can be tough to remember all the details about characters that carry over from one book to another. I just try to keep notes on the little things as I write so I can remember them in the later books and chapters.”

7. VICKI: In your bio, readers will learn about your attraction to writing at a very early age. How do you feel, now, as a professional writer getting great reviews for your work, and being part of the profession you always desired?

SUSAN:It’s still very weird for me honestly. I always just wrote for me. I wrote what I liked, and I’d go back and re-read my work from time to time. Now, others are reading what I’ve written. While I know that I can’t ever please everyone, all I hope to do is entertain people for a few hours.”

8. VICKI: Can you give us a hint about your next project or upcoming series?

SUSAN: I’m so excited to get my next series out in the world for others to read. It’s a military series based on a team of Navy SEALs. I know, I know, there has been a ton of SEAL books written, but there’s something so sexy about strong, muscular, brave men, and the women they meet that they’d do anything for. The series will include seven books in all.

VICKI: The Navy SEALs , Wow! I sure look forward to that series, and I know all your fans will, too. All the best, Susan, and thank you so much for taking the time for this interview!


“Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Texas where she lives but this all American girl has also spent the last fourteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, and Indiana. She is quite the romantic and even met the love of her life on “Hotmail classified” before online dating and sites like even existed!”

“Susan has been reading romance novels since middle school and once crossed out the names of the main characters in a book and changed them to her own and to the name of her crush. She’s been writing scenes for years, developing her unique writing style.”

“Susan loves writing but her true passion is adopting dogs from rescue groups and shelters. Susan and her husband have had a total of nine “rescued” dogs since 2000 including a variety of basset hounds and bloodhounds. She has recently branched out and adopted a basset/terrier mix who acts more like a terrier than a basset (i.e. digging, eating a couch and being hyper).”

Susan  with  husband Patrick and their  darling adopted and rescued dogs.

Author Susan Stoker enjoys a wonderful day with her husband Patrick, “the love of her life”, along with their family of adopted shelter and rescue dogs (left to right): Henry (bloodhound), Annie, Ozzie, and Rosie

“If you love romance and want to help her support adopting great dogs, be sure to check out her work listed below.
The first series, Beyond Reality, is a trilogy, with all three books in the series having Happily Ever After endings with no cliffhanger.

Susan  snuggles with her dog , Annie

Susan snuggles with her adopted rescue dog, Annie

Here’s where you’ll be able to purchase the trio of books in Susan Stoker’s Beyond Reality Series:







I gave 5-Stars to all three books in Susan’s Beyond Reality Trilogy! Do I have a favorite? YES… All three of them!! They are each packed with the elements of adventure, emotions, and real life situations. Susan’s style of writing has characters return throughout the trilogy in a way that lets each book maintain its story, but provides great interaction and flow that truly ties the whole series together!

Here’s what readers are saying about OUTBACK HEARTS:

“It was a beautiful story that was unusual in concept and perfectly written.” (-So many books, so little time)

“This book will have you up all night! You will never want it to end!” (-Elizabeth)

“This is truly one of the best books that I have read this summer. Everyone should read this book.” (-Laurie)

“My favorite part was the ending. It wasn’t what I was suspecting, but it was even better.” (-Diane)

•”This is a great clean romance book, in a time when so many books go straight for the strong sexy to sell them. “ (-Cynthia)

“I loved that this book was written as a man falling for the girl instead of the other way around. So many authors make women look completely pitiful because she’ll do anything for him, but this book is the exact opposite.” (Books and Beyond Fifty Shades)

“Somewhat darker than the first book, but worth it all the same, with a twist that will leave your heart pounding! I LOVE how Stoker did not make Becky a victim, but rather a heroine.” (-Michele)

Take a moment to visit, like and enjoy Susan Stoker’s Social Media Sites:


ONE LUCKY WINNER will win an e-copy of the first book in the BEYOND REALITY series… OUTBACK HEARTS! In October go to and look for the OUTBACK HEARTS giveaway! You can enter daily! Winners will be notified in November. Good luck!!

(Any Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained by provided information from Ms. Stoker, and our interview. Any personal commentary was my own opinion from reading the Beyond Reality Series by Susan Stoker. Much gratitude to Susan for all of her time, commentary, images, and wonderful interview. Thanks to Beau Coup Publishing, Sarah Werner Photography, Chris Mackey of AURA Design Group, and Susan Stoker for the use of their images in this article.)

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