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Love Chocolate? Karin Herzog presents the ultimate aromatic treatment for beautiful skin with her Finest Chocolate Cleansing !

Posted on: August 10th, 2014

Can you imagine the luxury of “waking up” your face each morning, then each evening thoroughly removing your makeup (even waterproof) with ease, by using a gentle cleansing gel that will surround your senses with the aroma of Swiss Chocolate ?
Well, I can tell you that I have, and it’s “beyond words“!

Let me introduce you to Karin Herzog’s Finest Chocolate Cleansing.
Image 4

This gel cleanser glides on your skin and leaves a very clean, hydrated feeling. Being a “professional grade dual action” cleanser while it’s melting away makeup, dirt, oil, and even eye makeup, Finest Chocolate Cleansing is nourishing your skin. This melding of Swiss Chocolate and “pure essential oils” is a definite plus for your complexion and senses.

Additional Benefits in Karin Herzog’s Finest Chocolate Cleansing:
• There are no “harsh detergents or preservatives.”
• It “restores the skins ‘optimal’ PH balance.”
• Finest Chocolate Cleansing “primes the skin for subsequent application of Oxygen Products.”

Key Ingredients:
“Theobroma Cocoa (Swiss Chocolate)”
“Pure Essential Oils”

Finest Chocolate Cleansing is very easy to use:
Here are the instructions I received, and have used with excellent results:
“Use a small amount of the cleanser (size of a hazelnut) and warm it between your fingers.” This is where you’ll begin to enjoy the dreamy Swiss Chocolate aroma!
“Blend in a bit of warm water. On a dampened face and neck, massage in circular motions for 10 to 15 seconds. Here’s where I personally like to relax and inhale the wonderful Swiss Chocolate as I clean my face and neck area, and enjoy a decadent Swiss Chocolate “moment”!!
“Rinse thoroughly with warm water, until all traces of the cleanser have been removed”.

What’s nice about Karin Herzog’s Finest Chocolate Cleansing is you also have the option, due to the cleanser’s unique gel formulation, to apply it without water . It’s terrific for heavy makeup users. It’s recommended, for best results, “ to remove Finest Chocolate Cleansing” with the Karin Herzog Silk Towel or a washcloth that has been soaked in warm water.”

I’ve used this gel cleanser both with and without water, liked both options, and found it an exceptional “premier” cleanser.

You’ll certainly want to check out Karin Herzog’s complete Chocolate Collection at :

Also be sure to visit: where you’ll find a full array of products for women and men , face and body, skin care collections, and more!
About Karin Herzog:
“Karin Herzog is the only brand on the market to utilize patented-active oxygen in skin care.”
The line was founded 40 years ago after Karin’s husband; Dr. Paul Herzog was honored by the Nobel Institute for his research focused on the benefits of oxygen for the skin”.
As an esthetician, Karin inspired to collaborate in incorporating Dr.Herzog’s research into a skin care formulation, and the Karin Herzog line was born.”
“The Karin Herzog line is still founding-family owned, operated, and located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.”

(Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained by a furnished fact-sheet. Any personal commentary was my opinion from using the product that was also supplied to me.)


Survey shows main concerns of family women who were done having their children

Posted on: August 1st, 2014

Most couples determine when their families are complete, and the women are done having their children. This, however, is not the end of the concerns that women continue to experience and need to deal with.

Here are some of the surprising results from a survey that 1000 women took part in.
Image (click image to enlarge)

Provided Survey Results:

• 35% - Reported having a pregnancy scare after deciding they were done having children
• 80%- Revealed they would be interested in a birth control method that they don’t have to think about every day
• 35%- Believed the only permanent birth control method available for women was getting their tubes tied
This survey was part of an educational program Family Size Matters made available by Bayer Health Care.

I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Suzanne Gilberg Lenz, and Beth Battaglino, CEO of Healthy Women, “The leading independent source of health information for women in the nation” some questions regarding Family Size Matters.

Questions for Dr. Gilberg-Lenz:

1.Vicki: With women who have decided they would not be having any more children , but were interested in taking a form of birth control pill, what type of options are available for them, at this time?

Dr. Gilberg-Lenz: “There are several options available to women seeking long-acting reversible or permanent contraception. Women should speak to their doctors to better understand their options and make a choice that is right for them. The Family Size Matters website provides tools to help.”

2. Vicki : In this study, 80% of the women were looking for a birth control plan that they wouldn’t have to “think about taking” each day. Would there be any choices for them to look into, or would this type of strategy limit them to require a permanent solution?

Dr. Gilberg-Lenz: “A woman’s relationship with her healthcare provider should be a partnership. Different birth control methods make sense at different stages of a woman’s life. Of the 900 women surveyed who are currently using some form of birth control, 66 percent are still using the same birth control they used prior to their most recent pregnancy.
Being ready for permanent birth control is a personal decision that is impacted by many different factors and circumstances. Women who are considering permanent birth control should first talk to their doctor to better understand their options. There are also non-permanent birth control solutions that are not daily that women should discuss with their doctors.”

3.Vicki : If a woman chooses to be more pro-active and decides on a permanent birth control procedure, is a tubal ligation her only course of action?

Dr.Gilberg-Lenz: “Tubal ligation is not a woman’s only course of action. In fact, 75 percent of the 900 women surveyed are currently using temporary birth control methods indicated that they would be interested in learning about permanent birth control from their doctor. There are several options available to women seeking long-acting reversible or permanent contraception. Women should speak to their doctors to better understand their options and make a choice that is right for them.”

Questions for Beth Battaglino:

1. Vicki : Would you be able to share a bit about Healthy Women, and being CEO of this “nation’s leading independent health information source for women”?

Beth Battaglino: “HealthyWomen’s award-winning website , was one of the first sites dedicated solely to women’s health and is recognized nationally as a go-to source for trustworthy health information for women by the likes of Oprah and Dr. Oz. This dynamic, comprehensive resource gives women the latest health information, including news updates, health tips, resources and extensive coverage of hundreds of health topics. In addition to our online content, HealthyWomen produces print publications in English and Spanish. HealthyWomen regularly surveys women to learn about their attitudes and behaviors through quick online polls and its annual Women TALK® study. As part of its public health education campaigns, HW also routinely conducts national research studies to understand women’s knowledge and beliefs about particular health topics. HealthyWomen excels in conducting nationally recognized public health education campaigns. In partnership with other nonprofit organizations, media, government agencies and corporations, these campaigns raise awareness of a variety of women’s health conditions.”

“Being the CEO of a national women’s health organization is amazing, yet at the same it can be filled with more than its fair share of challenges because we’re not tackling one disease or health condition like breast cancer or osteoporosis –we cover it all. And, we look at health and wellness from a ‘mind, body, spirit’ and ‘ages and stages’ approach which is a unique way to ensure that her lifestyle and life choices play an appropriate role in making tailored, informed health decisions. This same approach also provides her with the tools to live well — from acupuncture to varicose veins — if she is starting a family or thinking about starting a family — we have great information and resources. What has been most rewarding to me is seeing how much we’ve grown and how the women’s health industry has grown with us. In the late 80′s it was newsletters and perhaps, a column in a woman’s magazine or a few Q&A’s on a woman’s health topic. Look at us now —screenings, seeking second opinions, asking about family history– living well with chronic conditions and making sure that new drugs are being tested on women, not just men. We have changed the playing field when it comes to her health and I love it. Our mission has always been about education and empowerment. Here at HealthyWomen we practice what we preach. That is, the importance of taking care of you.”

Vicki: Many thanks to both Dr. Gilberg-Lenz and Beth Battaglino for taking the time to answer my questions and enlightening us about all the options that are available for women in numerous areas that will help them to be able to “take care “of themselves.

You’ll want to take a moment to visit Family Size Matters website at:

On this website there’s a great quiz you can take to see if your family size is right for you. Another area that offers suggestions how to open communications with your spouse regarding your family size, and some relevant questions for you to ask your doctor about a form of birth control that would be suitable for you.

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from information provided to me from Informational-Fact Sheets. Much gratitude to Dr. Gilberg-Lenz and Beth Battaglino for their time and answers to my interview questions, and Bayer Health Care for initiating Family Size Matters.)


Stephanie Simons new release All’s Fair in Love & Wardrobe is a must read

Posted on: August 1st, 2014


Do you have a passion for fashion? Well, gather around girlfriends, and I’ll introduce you to All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe – A Fashion Editor’s Rules on Shopping For Love! by Stephanie Simons.

You’ll treasure Stephanie Simons new modern book​ of rules and dating pointers! Stephanie’s rules take your penchant for fashion into every aspect of what you may encounter in your world of dating and more.

You’ll also find some terrific recipes that “are editor tested and boyfriend approved,” intriguing cocktails you can indulge in after a breakup, and learn “The 7 phases of waiting for him to call”!

The amazing illustrations in this book, by Malia Carter compliment and enhance your reading experience. Each time you reference this book you’ll glean more confidence, strategies, and savvy to take with you into the dating world! All’s Fair In Love and Wardrobe is a great gift, and a wonderful treat to give to yourself!

Visit: to purchase your hardcover copy for $16.95 (also available as an eBook)

About the Author: “Born in San Francisco, Stephanie Simons is an editorial strategist and beauty expert. Her work has appeared in numerous regional and national publications. Stephanie specializes in product naming and advertising campaigns for global retail brands.”

About the Illustrator: “Malia Carter lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is the creator of Deep Fried This popular illustration blog features fashion and celebrities and is named after her favorite accessories: her freckles. Malia’s watercolor illustrations have been featured by Teen Vogue, Kingsrowe Gallery, and scores of fashion blogs worldwide.”

I’d like to close by quoting a dedication that appears at the beginning of All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe: “To all the girls who’ve ever wanted to shop, dress, eat, party, travel and Instagram like a fashion editor. Now YOU can date like one!”

(Any Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article has been obtained by provided PR-Fact Sheets. Personal commentary is my opinion after reading and thoroughly enjoying a provided copy of All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe.)


Introducing Avon ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector… See your Dark Circles Virtually Vanish !

Posted on: July 31st, 2014

The newest innovation from Avon is here!! Avon ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector will not only brighten your day, but visibly “brighten” those under-eye dark shadows and circles!
Their amazing technology and delivery system will target, smooth, and gently apply this lightweight treatment right where it needs to be…under your eye area! The instant gratification of “brightening” effects will even get better over time, and improve that dark shadowed look! Read more about this amazing product below!

Image 1
Image 2

The Breakthrough: Instantly transform your eye area to banish the look of dark circles. The scientists at Avon have developed the Avon ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector to help brighten the look of dark circles. A lightweight formula that visibly brightens under-eye shadows, the ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is a game-changing powerful new eye treatment that offers both instant brightening effects and improvement in the look of dark circles over time. The potent corrector is so effective, it’s clinically shown to improve dark circles by 31% while reducing the look of dark circles by one grade. It visibly brightens even the darkest under eye shadows.

The Backstory: Women’s #1 eye concern are dark circles. To help the look of dark circles virtually vanish, Avon ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector brightens the look of dark circles, visibly reducing under-eye shadows while also smoothing the texture of the eye area. The advanced custom flexible applicator tip glides treatment onto the skin for comfortable, precise application, visibly transforming the eye area instantly through self-adjusting sheer optics that illuminate eyes. Over time, the powerful Shadow Erase Complex fights the look of dark circles in an effective way. In fact, 93% of women saw the look of dark circles dramatically reduced.

The Technology: ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is formulated with innovative Shadow Erase Complex Technology and includes ingredients like Kudzu Root Extract and Fennel Fruit Extract. The formula is designed to visibly brighten dark circles and smooth uneven texture.

The formula further brightens under eye shadows with self-adjusting sheer optics that are designed to instantly match different skin tones to blend in seamlessly and illuminate the eyes!

The Results**
Instantly, dark circles appear brighter.
In 2 weeks, dramatically reduces the look of dark circles.
In 4 weeks, even the look of serious dark circles seems to visibly disappear.

PRICE: $34

AVAILABLE: July 2014

WHERE TO BUY: Available exclusively through Avon Representatives.
To locate an Avon Representative call: 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit

*Based on those who expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study.
**Based on a consumer perception study.

Image 1

(Quoted or Paraphrased information in this PR-Article was obtained from provided PR-Fact Sheets)


Learn how to create “The Office Look” hair style in six easy steps from Butterfly Studio Salon stylist, Jason J. Dougherty!

Posted on: July 26th, 2014

Summer is in full swing, and we’re constantly thinking about ways to stay cool. Hair issues like frizziness and dryness are among the hair challenges that we are constantly combating during these hot, humid days! Luckily, Jason J. Dougherty, Butterfly Studio Salon stylist breaks down a super-chic, frizz-fighting braid that will take you from the office to happy hour, and will even withstand the long, sweaty commute all the way home!

The Office Look:
“This chic work look is a variation of the Milkmaid Braid. By placing the braids on the bottom, they sport a polished look that is ideal for any professional woman. Instead of bringing the braid to the crown, I took two very large sections of french braids and crossed them before pinning up. Add in some texture for softness and allow pieces to fall around the face for an ultra-effortless look.” Jason J. Dougherty, Butterfly Studio Salon stylist

How to create The Office Look:
1. Comb the hair and work out all tangles.
2. Apply a light oil like Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil and work through the ends.
3. Create a center part and bring it all the way down to the back. Divide hair in two sections.
4. Place a smoothing balm such as Shu Uemura’s Touch of Gloss on the roots and work into the crown.
5. Comb hair nice and taught and begin a thick French Braid on one side of the head. Place elastic rubber band to hold ends. Repeat on other side.
6. Bring one braid up and anchor to head with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

Pictorial fashioning of The Office Look:
Image 4Image 5Image 6

"The Office Look" by Butterfly Studio Salon Stylist : Jason J. Dougherty

The Office Look by Butterfly Studio Salon Stylist:
Jason J. Dougherty

(Quoted or Paraphrased information in this PR-Article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)


Super summer faves you’ll enjoy all year long !

Posted on: July 22nd, 2014

This summer I was introduced to four products that were easy to use, real time savers, and provided instant gratification! What’s great about these products is that they can be used all year long !

Let’s start with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color:
It’s a real treat to pamper yourself with manicures and pedicures, and as luck would have it, my timing couldn’t have been better! The summer and sandal season was just getting underway when a package arrived at my door with wide array of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Colors for me to use and review.

The beautiful array of colors from Sally Hansen "Insta-Dry" Nail Polish

The beautiful array of colors from Sally Hansen “Insta-Dry” Nail Polish

I was in awe! The broad spectrum of colors were gorgeous! When I read “Insta-Dry” on the label, I was in disbelief!

Could this really be a time saver and solution for quick & easy nail care that I had been looking for? I picked five different colors, because I couldn’t decide, from the amazing variety of shades that were in front of me, which “one”, I wanted to use!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color - The first five colors I used!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color – The first five colors I used!

I opened the first bottle, and noticed it had a slightly thicker applicator brush. I wiped excess polish off the brush as I usually do, and applied the polish to my toe nail. The thicker brush nicely covered the nail in one sweep as I worked it from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. I returned the brush to its bottle and opened the next color. Before I removed the brush, I decide to check the first nail, and gently touched the surface! It was DRY !!” This was too good to be true, but in a very short time I had a really “fab” pedicure with a different color on each toe! How fun!! They were dry, shiny, and “good to go”! I was “hooked”!! I can only say that using “less is best” so take-off any “excess polish” before you apply, and your nails will dry beautifully and look so rich! I received tons of compliments, and had spent very little time or effort for a lovely, unique pedicure that lasted nicely, and is removed easily!

Have fun and be creative! You’ll find all the colors for any season or occasion with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish. Sally Hansen is available at drugstores & mass retailers nationwide!

The next two products are from Jergens…A very well known brand around the world:

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream                and Jergens Natural Glow  Daily Moisturizer

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream
Jergens Natural Glow
Daily Moisturizer

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream was the next product I tried. I really like BB Creams, but I had never tried a BB product for the body. WOW! The Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream had a very light fresh scent and felt like silk on my skin. I used it from my neck to my feet as I would a body cream. What I enjoyed was how it embellished my body skin tone. I received the Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream for “All Light Skin Tones” and it was perfect! I instantly noticed a naturally even toned, smooth, and I believe a more youthful look. By the way, Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin is also available in a shade for “Medium-Deep Skin Tones”.

Here are the “Five Visible Benefits In Five Days” that I’m”quoting” right from the product tube:
• 1. “Hydrates & Smoothes”
• 2. “Brightens & Illuminates”
• 3. “Evens Skin Tone”
• 4. “Visibly Firms”
• 5. “Minimizes the Appearance of Imperfections”

This multi-tasking Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is a great “body care,” year round staple!

The other product from Jergens was the Jergens Natural GLOW Daily Moisturizer that helps you achieve a gradual “Natural” color to your skin via “patent-pending” technology. Antioxidants and vitamin E benefits will enhance your skin with a healthy, hydrated appearance! The subtle color change is so real, not streaky or unnatural looking, and does not have an odor as sunless tanners often have. You can’t miss with this product.

I don’t actively lay in the sun and am very fair skinned. I had received a “Fair to Medium” tone Natural Glow Moisturizer. (It also is available in “Medium to Tan”.)

Natural GLOW Daily Moisturizer is very easy to use, and you can visit: for some great tips to easily help you achieve your “glow”!

My Husband liked the natural appearance that I had achieved, and asked if he could try the Natural GlOW Daily Moisturizer. He liked the ease of application and the “gradual” color change that gave him such a nice uniform color. Jegens Natural GLOW Daily Moisturizer gets a “double” thumbs up ! It’s an ideal product for gals and guys!!

Both the Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream and the Jergens Natural GLOW Daily Moisturizer are available at drugstores & mass retailers nationwide!

dr.brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer is the final product in this article:

dr. brandt -  Pores No More Pore Refining Primer

dr. brandt – Pores No More Pore Refining Primer

Minimizing pores gives you a flawless look to your skin. I used to have very oily skin, but as I got older my skin became less hydrated. Visible pores, however, remained around my T-zone area. dr.brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer was an easy solution for me. I applied some of the product just where I needed it, proceeded with my other products, and noticed a more refined and finished look once I had applied my makeup.

As Dr. Brandt says, “I created this no-fuss primer after getting constant requests from my clients for perfect skin that looks great with or without makeup. The Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer puts covetable, smooth and matte skin right in the hands of women at home.”

Pores No More is a very versatile product, whatever the needs of your skin may be. Make it the first step of your skin prep, and keep it on hand if you are oily, and want to reduce that annoying shine “breakthrough’ during the day!

Find out more about the dr.brandt product line and the Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer by visiting:

Enjoy the summer and all the seasons with any of these fine products!

(Any Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained by provided PR-Fact Sheets. All of the personal commentaries about these products was my opinion from using the products that were provided to me.)


La Dolce Vita for your skin from SKIN & CO Roma

Posted on: July 14th, 2014

Ah…. La Dolce Vita! That’s Italian for “the good life!”, and a perfect way for me to take you back in time and share a bit about the history behind what is now Skin & CO Roma‘s delightful line of products for your face and body. It will give you a great perspective of how the dedication, traditional recipes, and organic Mediterranean ingredients have produced “beauty and anti-aging” products that have truly withstood the test of time!!

Let’s start at the beginning, a century ago, when the Balestra’s, Giuseppina and her husband, Sabatino opened their first Italian Emporium in Italy. Giuseppina’s treasured blended botanical oils became quite a hit! Coinciding with the La Dolce Vita” years of beauty and allure in “Tinsel Town” Hollywood, the movie stars, while filming in Rome, would gather at the the Sabatino establishment to sample Giuseppina’s enticing creations! They became enthralled with the aroma, feel, and “miraculous”results that they experienced!

Confirmed by scientists some “sixty” years later, Giuseppina’s “natural”, seasonal ingredients within her formulations proved to have not only “anti-oxidants”, but potent “anti-aging” properties!

Now, in the 21st century, the 3rd generation of Balestra’s have carried on the their “grandparents vision of providing the freshest, most indulgent products, while preserving and respecting the ancient lands they come from!” As a result, globally we all have the chance to experience some of “La Dolce Vita” right in our own homes via SKIN & CO Roma. !

This story was quite endearing to me, and hopefully you’ll now fully appreciate the legacy of these products as I tell you about the two SKIN & CO Roma products that I used.

Sicilian Light Brightening and Toning Skin care for your face.

SKIN & CO Roma – Sicilian Light Brightening and Toning Skin care for your face.

Sicilian Light Serum is from SKIN & CO Roma’s new Sicilian Light Brightening™ Collection for your face. It’s a very light weight lotion that gave my skin a moist feeling and really helped my dehydrated skin feel comfortable all day. The aroma is delicate, and very appealing!

The instructions recommended that you use Sicilian Light Serum on clean skin, allow it to absorb, apply your moisturizer, and use it twice daily. The price is $47.00, and includes:
“Natural Sicilian Orange Essence”
“Hibiscus, Vitamin C derivative and Sodium Hyaluronate that are great for “dry, uneven, and slack skin”.
“Vitamin A, E, and F that “penetrate to the cellular level of your skin to help restore a firmer tissue”

Also included in their Sicilian Light Brightening face Collection:
• Sicilian Light Vitamin C Brightening Face Cream ($55)
• Sicilian Light Gommage Dark Spots Brightening Face Exfoliator ($29)
• Sicilian Light Foam Brightening Cleansing Foam ($29)

SKIN & CO Roma has also launched a, Sicilian Orange Brightening and Toning Collection for your Body,
• Sicilian Orange Conditioning Body Gel(Full Size ($18) & Travel Sized ($7.00)
• Sicilian Orange Conditioning Body Lotion (Full $29 & Travel Size ($10.00)

The second product I tried was from SKIN & CO Roma’s Truffle Therapy™ Anti-Aging Collection.

SKIN & CO Roma's Truffle Therapy™ Anti-Aging Cream

SKIN & CO Roma -Truffle Therapy™ Cream Anti-Aging Cream

I’d apply the Truffle Therapy Cream after my Sicilian Light Serum. The scent was just amazing, and it glided very easily over the serum. They worked very well together, and my complexion took on a rosy tone, eliminating my skin’s dull lack-luster appearance. I actually could have gone without a makeup base!!

After using the Sicilian Light Serum from the new “Brightening Collection” along with the Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Cream, I could see how the SKIN & CO Roma products with their unique “Italian Ingredients” would provide a preventative approach that would assist in improving the skins’ tone and texture!

These products are available at Henri Bendel.

You may also visit and purchase items at the SKIN & CO Roma Website:

Your timing couldn’t be better with their new Sicilian Light Brightening Collection for your face, and Sicilian Orange Brightening and Toning Collection for your body!!
What a great time to indulge yourself from head-to-toe with hereditary ingredients to help keep a youthful and vibrant skin, as well as enjoy a bit of “La Dolce Vita”…

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from furnished PR-Fact Sheets. Personal commentary was my own opinion from using the products that were provided to me.)


New Bio-Blends Palettes offer a Bio-Fond Foundation solution for Makeup Artists!

Posted on: July 9th, 2014

GS Products, home of Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skincare & Cosmetics, is thrilled to introduce the new Bio-Blends Palettes. It’s the perfect customizable and practical approach for make-up artists who use Bio-Fond Foundation in their kits. Now makeup artists and professionals can have an easy to use solution for makeovers, not only on set or in the salon, but anywhere!

Bio-Fond Foundation makeup has been a staple not only in Hollywood but world wide. It’s 70 year history has made it possible to develop a formula that is not only beautiful, but good for you. This amazing skincare makeup is pharmaceutical grade, animal cruelty free and offers physical sun protection – all while being high definition ready. Available in 20 colors plus blush, concealers and contouring.

The New Bio-Blends Palette for Professionals

The New Bio-Blends Palette for Professionals (Click arrow on image to enlarge)

The Bio-Blends Palettes are sleek and compact, a slim 8” L x 5” W, by 0.5” D that will fit into anyone’s makeup kit. Individual pans are 9grams and each Bio-Blends Palette will fit 6 colors. Colors may be purchased in bulk or individually, making it convenient to keep and use not only the most popular colors but the hard to match skin tones as well.

The individual Bio-Fond pans magnetically attach to the bottom of the Bio-Blends Palette ensuring that they will stay safely in place while being stored and while traveling! The lid of the palette folds completely behind the base allowing for easy access and grip. When closed, the lid snaps shut with magnets providing assurance that the product remains protected.

Bio-Blends Palettes are a Professional Only product and will not be sold to the general public.
To order your Bio-Blends Palette:
• Call 1-800-282-3223
• If you have questions, send an email to

As a professional makeup artist, I couldn’t wait to share this news from GS Products about the new Bio-Blends Palettes with my fellow professional artists and salon professionals. For nearly twenty-five years, I’ve carried my Bio-Fond foundation in an original palette from Gerda Spillmann . That palette was with me on the sets of independent films, a major feature film, television programs, and photo shoots. Now I’m retiring it to get myself the new, modern Bio-Blends Palette!

The New Bio-Blends Palette for Professionals

The New Bio-Blends Palette for Professionals

(Quoted and/or paraphrased information in this PR-Article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet from GS Products. Any Personal commentary was my own opinion from using the palette and product.)


Jan Marini Skin Research Turns 20 – Be part of the Celebration!

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014

To Celebrate Jan Marini’s 20th Anniversary, during the month of July, Jan Marini Skin Research will be hosting 20 days of Giveaways on their Facebook page!

Simply go to :

Today’s July 3rd Giveaway:

Thursday's July 3rd Giveaway - Biologic Face Cleanser

Jan Marini’s Bioglycolic Face Cleanser

Thursday, July 3rd:
2 winners will receive Bioglycolic Face Cleanser – Valued at $30 each

Jan Marini Skin Research’s Most Popular Cleanser Gently Cleans and Exfoliates Skin Without Drying.
Bioglycolic Face Cleanser with glycolic acid is a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types. This deep cleansing formula is soap free, non-irritating and rinses completely without the need for a post-cleansing toner or astringent. The Bioglycolic Cleanser also contains sorbitol, a natural humectant derived from berries that leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

Enter now for your chance to win and watch for the upcoming giveaways!

Happy 20th Anniversary Jan Marini Skin Research

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)


Get Healthy-Looking Hands with Celebrity Manicurist Skyy Hadley’s At-Home Remedy

Posted on: June 27th, 2014

Just because the warm weather is here, that doesn’t mean our hands are safe from flakiness and dehydration. We have to be extra careful not to let our hands dry up from the high temperatures, low humidity, constant washing of hands, and sun exposure. Skyy Hadley, celebrity manicurist and owner of As U Wish Nail Spa has a quick at-home remedy to combat dry, summer hands!

Skyy Hadley’s Luxury Rejuvenating Hot Cream At-Home Hand Treatment

• Remove all nail polish with a gentle polish remover

• Begin by sloughing off dead and dry skin from palms and backs of hands with a homemade sugar scrub (salt scrubs can be drying or irritating): Mix sugar, a few drops of vegetable glycerin and an uplifting essential oil like peppermint or rosemary in a medium-sized bowl.

• Gently rub hands together to scrub away dullness. Remove scrub with a warm wet cloth.

• Do NOT soak fingers in water, as doing so will actually draw the moisture OUT of your skin.

• Instead, heat up 2 plastic baggies full of a thick, luxurious cream and add a few drops of an invigorating essential oil such as tangerine, ylang ylang, or chamomile.

• Heat until very warm but not too hot, then place hands in bags for about 2 minutes, allowing moisture to penetrate the skin.

• Remove hands from bag and massage cream into skin, wiping off any excess.
Unsaved Preview Document
Your hands should now feel instantly smooth and look radiant!

Thank you Skyy for your expertise and the wonderful “home remedies” that you share with us!
Be sure to visit Skyy’s website at:

(Quoted and/or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)

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